First American's new EAGLE 9™ UCC Insurance Policy provides important lien perfection and priority insurance coverage for the commercial loan and finance market segments. For the first time, lenders can obtain coverage for:

  • Lien Perfection
  • Priority of Security Interest
  • Creation and Attachment
  • Enforceability of Security Interest

The EAGLE 9™ UCC Insurance Policy provides lender's insurance for commercial loans secured by personal property under the Uniform Commercial Code. Collateral generally consists of inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment, accounts, instruments, chattel paper, crops, timber and intangibles.

With significant revisions to Article 9 of the UCC effective July, 2001, the EAGLE 9™ UCC Insurance Policy eliminates risk associated with the uncertainty of change. It is intended to provide coverage broader and stronger than Legal Opinions.

Now, commercial loans in all amounts can be insured with the industry's leading provider of title insurance. In addition, EAGLE 9™ UCC Insurance Policy benefits can extend to a full outsource of:

  • UCC Search
  • UCC Filing
  • UCC Document Preparation
  • UCC Tracking

Policies are produced on a fully electric basis to guarantee coverage, accuracy, filing jurisdiction, efficiency and timeliness. A full staff of Commercial Loan Documentation Specialists, UCC Legal Experts and Insurance Representatives are available to evaluate and assist in completing transactions ranging from standard to highly complex.

Policy Coverage:

  • Coverage against Fraud and/or Forgery
  • Priority against other Secured Parties
  • Effectiveness in Bankruptcy

Insurance Benefits:

  • Indemnification against losses due to documentation defects
  • Defense Protection

Title Insurance For Mezzanine Loan Financing in New York

Commercial Applications Of The New UCC Insurance Policy

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